Fort Wainwright, AK Housing and Relocation Information

    Housing Information
    Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) is provided by the military to help active service members with housing costs, and can be used for either on- or off-post housing.

    The Housing Services Office (HSO) will be your first point of contact when you receive moving orders, and provides services that will help you with referrals, relocation assistance, guidance for entering a lease agreement and tenant-landlord disputes.

    • Fort Wainwright HSO can be reached at (907) 353-1190/1660/1666.

    Fort Wainwright On Post Housing

    • Single Soldiers with a pay grade between E1-E6 must be bonafide bachelors and not geo-bachelors for Single Service Member Housing. Contact the HSO or Personnel Center at (907) 353-2273 at least 60 days prior to your arrival for the best accomodation results.

    • On-post housing at Fort Wainwright is privatized. To check available housing for your family size and pay grade, contact North Haven Communities (907) 356-7000. They offer 2-5 bedroom homes with varying amenities, such as: paid utilities, heated garage, washer & dryer and fenced backyard. The community offers playgrounds, walking/biking trails, dog park, theater and more.

    Fort Wainwright, AK Off Post Housing

    2225 Badger Rd 3 Bed / 2 Bath / 2,550 Sq.Ft. / $2,000 | Home for Rent 4.4 miles from Badger gate

    56o keeling rd 1 Bed / 1 Bath / $1,000 | Home for Rent 0.8 mile from Main Gate

    no 2 Bed / 1 Bath | Home for Rent 8.2 miles from Badger gate

    77-4  Slater St. 2 Bed / 1 Bath / 898 Sq.Ft. / $92,000 | Home for Sale 0.8 mile from Main Gate

    2895 Mack Blvd 1 Bed / 3 Bath / 80 Sq.Ft. / $650 | Home for Rent 3.2 miles from Main Gate

    141 dunkel st #7 2 Bed / 1 Bath / 1,200 Sq.Ft. / $125,900 | Home for Sale 1 mile from Main Gate

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