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    Fort Wainwright, AK - In Processing

    Soldiers who are checking in for in-processing at Fort Wainwright must sign in at the Welcome Center. At Fort Wainwright, Soldiers sign in at Building 3401. During the duty hours (Monday thru Friday 0730-1630) report to the Military Personnel Division Front desk or call 907-353-2273/2253. After duty hours and holidays report to Building 3419 or call 907 353-4311 for instructions. This line is manned 24 hours a day.
    Call 907-353-4311 upon arrival at the airport. If soldiers do take a taxi from the airport, fees will be reimbursed from the finance department during in-processing at Fort Wainwright. Visit Building 3419 at Fort Wainwright and bring all financial paperwork. Bring several copies of your orders, any financial paperwork, medical and dental records, and any legal assistance matters to in-processing when you check in. In-processing normally takes 4 days to complete, and soldiers must be in uniform while completing the process. For more information call 907-353-2273 for specific instructions.